Puskum.uinjkt.ac.id – RSU, UIN NEWS Online – Center for Public Relations and Legal Aid Service (PLBH) held a training on Information and Documentation Management Officer (PPID) data updating in the main meeting room (RSU) of UIN Jakarta, Thursday (19/10).

Training was carried out considering the need for data collecting and actualization for the website. In addition, there was still a lot of old data which must be immediately replaced with new data. It was because the website is the main gateway for public to see and to get information about many things an institution has.

This was conveyed by Head of PLHBH Afwan Faizin MA to UIN NEWS Online in his office, after attending the technical training.

He added that this activity was done to give satisfaction to stakeholders when looking for information about various matters related to UIN Jakarta institution.

“We wish to continue on moving and striving to be a campus that has a good information services and transparent. This is in accordance with the direction of UIN Jakarta Rector, which appreciate this activity for UIN Jakarta to be a campus that entered the three major awards of Public Information Openness, “said Afwan.

Still according to him, currently several thinks needed to be done is updating the data as well as input reasonable data to be known by the public.

“Like a financial summary, a strategic plan, data on students and existing forms to be as simple as possible. In a sense, the information is in a brief process and impressed uncomplicated, “he added.

Presented as a speaker, Dr Ardiansyah MTI Computer Science expert and lecturer at the University of Indonesia. In his speech, he said in general that the initiation of PLBH to conduct technical training was very appropriate. Bearing in mind that the availability of the data and information is now became a priority for the community as stakeholders as well as the government.

Responding to the current PPID website, Ardiansyah gave suggestion to the existing website to be updated both the data and the appearance.

“Anyone who opens the PPID website page can easily get the information and data needed. In addition, this is also a key assessment for the government transparency on providing data and information in this institution, “he said.

As an additional information, the training was attended by representatives from several sections in UIN Jakarta, and attended by Head of Planning and Finance Bureau Drs H Subarja MPd, Head of Publication and Documentation Sub-Section Feni Arifiani MH, and some central and faculty website managers. (usa)

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