Puskum.uinjkt.ac.id – Ciputat, UIN News Online – The center for Public Relations and Legal Aid Service Center (PLHBH) UIN Jakarta held a drafting workshop for the Certified Mediator at the Education and Training Center of the Ministry of PUPR, Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta, Tuesday-Wednesday (3-4 / 02/2020). The workshop was attended by certified mediato- lecturers from UIN Jakarta, UPN Veteran Jakarta, and Pamulang University, Banten.

The head of PLHBH UIN Jakarta Afwan Faizin said that the workshop was expected to produce a draft of Certified Mediator Training Education in accordance with the dynamics of media needs in the community. “Therefore, we invite certified mediator-lecturers so that the workshop so that they are expected to produce drafts that are in accordance with the standards,” he said.

The Mediator Training Draft, continued Afwan, will then be used as the mediator training curriculum in the Fatahillah Mediation Center or FMC UIN Jakarta. The workshop itself is part of fulfilling FMC UIN Jakarta’s institutional accreditation requirements conducted by the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia. “Where the Education and Training curriculum is at least equivalent to 40 Learning Hours,” he added.

The workshop itself presented a number of expert practitioners in their fields. Among them, two Supreme Court Judges as well as the MA RI Mediation Working Group , Eddi Wibowo and Fitriyel Hanif, as well as Practitioners of the Indonesian Sharia Mediator Association (AMSI), Agus Supriyanto. (usa/zm)

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